Features and benefits of our products
Features and benefits of our products


One of the main advantages of the MagicClean CARWASH equipment is the thick and voluminous MagicActiveFoam used on the First program.

Thanks to the unique production technology, MagicActiveFoam has a high energy, so that it quickly and evenly falls on the entire surface of the car, and the process of applying it on average takes no more than a minute. After applying the foam, its surfactants break down all the dirt, and the "spent" chemistry flows off the surface of the car along with the dirt, leaving the body almost clean. Excellent results from washing with active foam delight even the most demanding customers.

MagicClean supplies professional branded chemicals and vehicle care products exclusively to MagicClean self-service car washes. The original chemistry combined with the MagicClean CARWASH equipment gives an unsurpassed result from washing the car. The production of branded car care products is located in Russia, which helps to reduce the cost of production and transportation.


The DigitalBatching system is the most advanced technology that dispenses chemicals with absolute precision. With the DigitalBatching system, you can easily set the dosage of the required volume of a particular type of chemistry. The system settings can be read directly on the touch screen of the operator panel in ml/min or on the LED displays of  the system itself. Modes and control options are easily identified using the icons on the monitor.

With such a dosing system, the owner of the washing complex controls the chemical consumption with an accuracy of up to a millimeter, which allows you to analyze and predict the needs of the washing for the following periods.

Stainless steel everywhere

In our products, we use high-quality stainless steel of the AISI 304 brand, independently process it in our own production: cutting, bending, rolling, welding, polishing and painting. Performing a full cycle of equipment manufacturing allows us to constantly improve our products.

All MagicClean CARWASH equipment is made of stainless steel: control panels, frames, boiler, chemical tanks, collectors and main pipes of high and low pressure, electromagnetic valves, rotary consoles, quivers for pistols and much more. This ensures the durability of the equipment and reduces component wear to a minimum: even after a few years, the MagicClean CARWASH equipment looks like new.

inVision software

We have equipped our car washes with unique inVision software, which automates all the processes of the MagicClean CARWASH equipment and provides the Investor with great opportunities for monitoring, managing and conducting marketing activities.
inVision software integrates and organizes all incoming technical and economic data of the car wash and additional equipment, displaying them on the touch-screen LCD monitor of the operator panel:
  • changes in pricesfor washing services and other equipment;
  • setting the modes HappyTime (discounts, increasing cost factors by the time and day of the week, setting the free washing mode and other equipment);
  • monitoring of economic indicators of car wash and other equipment;
  • management and monitoring of temperature indicators;
  • chemical recidues and demineralized water;
  • management and monitoring of NoFrost и HotFloor systems;
  • setting the chemistry dosage of the DigitalBatching system;
  • reverse osmosis system water purity monitoring;
  • notifications about equipment failures (faulty heating equipment, running out of chemicals, on/off of the winter mode of operation of the car wash and NoFrost and HotFloor systems, and more);
  • sending economic and technical reports by email;
  • service mode (Test modes and forced switching on/off car wash posts, equipment maintenance programs);
  • collecting statistics;
  • setting access levels;
  • and more.

With the help of a cloud server, inVision software provides a full range of remote monitoring and management of all MagicClean CARWASH equipment systems from anywhere in the world and from any device (computer or tablet) with Internet access.

Function key


One of our key solutions is to equip the control panels with the STOP/PAUSE key, the main function of which is to pause the washing process time. This is necessary so that the user does not lose their money, for example, at those moments when the foam reaction occurs. The car cleaning process can be easily resumed by pressing any of the keys of the washing programs.

The use of this function does not affect the passability of the car wash posts in anyway, since the time spent on the reaction of the foam is compensated by the time savings when it is applied quickly.

The STOP/PAUSE key is also used in service mode and in case of emergency shutdown of the washing process.

Time/Money balance display

The wash program control panels are equipped with advanced digital time balance or cash balance displays. The choice of the balance display mode is based on fundamentally different economic strategies that are determined by the Owner of the washing complex to attract customers. Settings for displaying a particular type of balance are made using the monitor of the operator panel or remotely.

When displaying the cash balance, the Investor differentiates the cost of each washing program, for example, the cost of 1 minute of washing with Active Shampoo is 35 rubles, and the cost of 1 minute of Rinsing is 10 rubles. When using the equipment (the program key is active), the cash balance will reach zero at different rates, depending on which program the Car wash Client uses.

The time balance display mode implies that the cost of 1 minute of using the equipment is the same on all washing programs.

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